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Guest speaker at the National College of Ireland

Written by Tasos Piotopoulos
Lead Software Engineer | M.Sc. | Published Author | Meetup Organizer

On November the 2nd, I had the honor of being a guest speaker at the National College of Ireland, where I talked to 1st-year students about software development in the industry, personal marketing, plus defining and achieving goals.

There is a wide skill gap between what is taught in college and what is actually required in the industry, so most graduates are eventually caught by surpirse. On the bright side, those who know what to expect can define specific goals, make the most out of their studies, and start their industry career with a bang!

Every step you take without a clear direction is a wasted step. – John Sonmez

Special thanks to Dominic Carr, Lisa Murphy and Glen Holmes for inviting me, as well as to the audience for being awesome!

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