Some of the projects I've been involved with throughout my career

Note that due to IP concerns, the list is not exhaustive

Walmart Global Tech feature image

Walmart Global Tech

A number of Supply Chain and Competitive Intelligence systems delivered during my time in Walmart, while working as a technical lead

Konfigure feature image


An enterprise rapid application development (RAD) PaaS which allows business users to build enterprise cloud applications without coding

Dice Radio on Android feature image

Dice Radio on Android

An Android native application for serving live audio streaming and user-targeted content from Dice Radio, an online radio station

Azure Storage Tools feature image

Azure Storage Tools

An opensource C# class library, introducing a higher level of abstraction for interfacing with Azure Storage

FavOOD feature image


An online service helping consumers to locate packaged food as they are on diet (allergies, diabetes) or they are changing residence or as tourists who are l...

Marera - New Marketing Era feature image

Marera - New Marketing Era

A multi-tenant cloud application that utilizes Azure Cloud Services and Dynamics CRM to create digital marketing campaigns with detailed reporting capabilities.

Civil Protection Greece feature image

Civil Protection Greece

A universal mobile application aimed to provide Greek citizens with some vital advice and guidance about natural disasters and other kinds of emergencies

You@S&B feature image


A web application tailored to assist S&B with their recruitment process

Notos More feature image

Notos More

A web portal aimed to offer exclusive benefits to the loyalty club members of Notos

Audi Owners Club feature image

Audi Owners Club

A web portal aimed to offer exclusive benefits to the loyalty club members of Audi

iConomy feature image


An iOS native application offering a simplistic but convenient way to track expenses