Konfigure feature image

Konfigure is an enterprise rapid application development (RAD) PaaS by KeyedIn Solutions, which allows business users to build enterprise cloud applications without coding. Konfigure is an autonomous product, but it also powers a number of other major KeyedIn Solutions products built on top of it, such as KeyedIn Manufacturing, a cloud-based business management system for manufacturers and managers of distributed operations.

In the context of my M.Sc. industry internship, I was given the chance to actively participate in the development process of an enterprise-scale product and deliver a decent amount of features, helping the company provide additional value to its customers.

As a member of Konfigure’s core development team I shared the responsibilities of designing, developing, testing and maintaining various features of the product. I got exposed to an agile methodology covering a great number of concepts, such as iterations and planning, build maintenance, continuous integration, test automation, and software design in a complex domain.

  • First, I was able to remove brittleness from the automated web testing infrastructure of the product, by introducing the Page Object model pattern, and also noticeably improve and restore web testing coverage during the process.
  • Additionally, I developed an autonomous web tool to further assist the team with various QA related procedures.
  • Furthermore, I performed an update to the UX/UI layer of the product, resulting in a number of benefits, such as making the product accessible to mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) by leveraging the mobile-first design approach, reducing the complexity of some parts of the application’s UI (e.g. menus, dashboards), as well as overall improving the aesthetics of the product.
  • Finally, I also made a few contributions to the technical documentation of the product, mostly in relation to the overall tasks I completed during the internship.
  • Technologies used: C# / .NET, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, Selenium, SpecFlow, Gherkin, MSTest, Jenkins, TypeScript, Knockout, Twitter Bootstrap, Powershell, Microsoft Azure, Git/GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Aha!, Slack.