DP...am - Du Pareil au même

DP...am - Du Pareil au même feature image

DP…am is one of the largest children clothing, apparel and child shoes stores network.

What makes DP…am stand out from their competitors is their passion for innovation. This project was part of a large-scale promotional campaign. By leveraging a Microsoft Kinect sensor and a large screen attached to each DP…am store’s glass front, customers’ kids were able to play various games and virtually try on clothes and shoes from the current collection, just by using hand and body gestures. A discount coupon was being generated after every game as a reward.

The whole experience was being driven by a WPF desktop application, which was also remotely connected to a Dynamics CRM server in order to generate the discount coupons. The administration panel, the business rules of coupon generation, as well as the analytics logic were developed in Dynamics CRM using custom plugins and workflows.

My role as a software developer included:

  • Creating part of the application’s business logic in C#.
  • Creating the integration between the Windows desktop application and Dynamics CRM by generating C# classes from Dynamic CRM entities (eary-bind), and also creating the necessary repositories to consume in the desktop application.
  • Creating customized plugins, workflows and administration screens in Dynamics CRM.