Dice Radio Web Portal

Dice Radio Web Portal feature image

A tailor-made web protal, written in ASP.NET MVC, for Dice Radio, an online radio station.

Producers have the ability to login and start broadcasting their music program, edit their profile (photo, bio, social media links), and publish articles on the station’s blog. The latter is also part of the solution, build from the ground up and tailored to fit the specific needs of DiceRadio.

The application communicates with a shoutcast server for managing auto-dj music streams and allowing the producers to broadcast. Producers have the ability to choose profile image for each of their broadcasts, which is then projected next to the site’s chatroom during the broadcast. Administrators can manage users, change global broadcast settings, add/remove advertisement banners, tweak global application settings (eg: set a new background image for the website), and compose the station’s timetable dynamically. Moreover, listeners are able to enjoy a seamless listening experience, browsing the website’s subpages without facing any interruptions to the music.

Every individual page of the application has deep linking available, so it can be independently discovered by search engines or shared in social media sites. Despite the fact that this is a standard feature of most websites, it is quite challenging to achieve it in SPAs (Single Page Applications).

  • Although the website’s design is not resposive due to the owner’s specifications, it supports a separate, more lightweight music player for mobile devices.
  • For Android users, there is also Dice Radio on Android.
  • The artwork and mockups for Dice Radio Web Portal were created by PoET.

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