iConomy feature image

This iOS 4 native application was presented as my dissertation at the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly (formerly known as TEI of Larissa) in December 2011. It was developed using XCode on OSX 10.6 and it was presented on an iPhone 3G.

When designing for IOS, one has to keep in mind that usability and beautifulness are not the only goals of the process. The user should be able to perceive each application as a natural extension of his or her device that will not feel irregular or weird. In favor of this principle, Apple maintains an extensive list of guidelines towards application designers, called the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. iConomy was designed to completely adhere to HIG.

When the application is launched, the user is directly presented with the option to add a new expence. This procedure is as simple as tapping on an expence category, typing the expense’s amount and confirming the action. The tab bar on the bottom of the screen allows the user to navigate to the rest of the application, which includes a Log, a Graph and an About screen. Overall, it is a simplistic but conventient way to track one’s expenses.

This was the first iOS application ever to be developed by a student of TEI of Larisa. It was awared with a 10/10 mark.