KTEO Autovision - Roadworthiness Test Centers

KTEO Autovision - Roadworthiness Test Centers feature image

KTEO Autovision is a large network of Roadworthiness Test Centers in Greece. According to the Greek legislation, every automobile vehicle should be checked and receive a Certificate of Roadworthiness, and this process is repeated every few years. This indoor advertising solution was designed in collaboration with DirectPlus Insurance.

For each customer visiting Autovision to get their vehicle tested, the solution displays a representation of that vehicle along with a personalized automobile insurance contract offer. By leveraging Autovision’s customer database, the solution is able to communicate with DirectPlus Insurance servers and retrieve a number of contract offers from several automobile insurance companies. Finally, these contracts are evaluated and the most advantageous one is displayed to the customer.

Each vehicle’s representation image is contstructed on the fly, depending on the vehicle’s type, license plate, brand and color.

My role as a software developer included:

  • Creating various parts of the application’s business logic in ASP.NET and JavaScript / Knockout.
  • Optimizing DirectPlus’s WCF contract querying service for handling higher volumes of traffic.
  • Creating the vehicle’s image construction logic.