Audi Owners Club

Audi Owners Club feature image

Audi Owners Club is a loyalty club created by Cosmocar S.A. in order to offer exclusive benefits to their customers. The web application allows customers to register to the club, check out the exclusive offers of the month, check their point balance, as well as redeem their points.

The application is written in ASP.NET and uses Dynamics CRM to read/store data, and also enforce some business rules. The administrators are able to manage users, points and offers directly from Dynamics CRM, without needing to navigate to any specialized administration panel, offering a seamless experience, preventing data synchonization issues and allowing for easier maintenace. On top of that, the system is also takes advantage of Marera, allowing club members to receive personalized e-mail and SMS communications.

My role as a software developer included:

  • Creating various parts of the application’s business logic in ASP.NET.
  • Creating the integration between ASP.NET and Dynamics CRM by creating the required entities in Dynamics CRM, generating C# classes from these entities (eary-bind), and also creating the necessary repositories to consume in ASP.NET.
  • Creating customized plugins and workflows in Dynamics CRM to complete the system’s business logic.
  • Creating a customized ASP.NET membership provider in order to use Dynamics CRM as a user data store.