Peoplecert - Certifying Professionals

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Peoplecert is one of the leading players in the global certification industry, partnering with multi-national organisations and government bodies for the development & management of globally recognised certification schemes and the delivery of their related standardized exams.

This portal allows Peoplecert’s Accredited Partners to search and book various types of trainings and examinations in large amounts, through an easy-to-use and appealing interface. All data is directly drawn from and stored to Peoplecert’s Dynamic CRM server, including user accounts, form metadata, booking information and news posts. Peoplecert’s staff is able to perfom all administration actions directly from Dynamics CRM.

My role as a software developer included:

  • Creating part of the application’s business logic in ASP.NET MVC.
  • Creating the integration between ASP.NET and Dynamics CRM by generating C# classes from Dynamic CRM entities (eary-bind), and also creating the necessary repositories to consume in ASP.NET MVC.
  • Creating customized plugins and workflows in Dynamics CRM to complete the system’s business logic.
  • Creating the application’s UI in HTML/CSS and Twitter Bootstrap, using Razor templates.