Civil Protection Greece

Civil Protection Greece feature image

This universal mobile application was developed by SiEBEN on behalf of Civil Protection Greece.

The application’s main goal is to provide Greek citizens with some vital advice and guidance about natural disasters and other kinds of emergencies, both in terms of prevention and appropriate response. The information is broken down in categories, and the learning process is gamified through various quizes. Each quiz unlocks a badge which is added to the user’s achievement collection, presenting some additional motivation to keep on learning. Moreover, an interactive map pinpoints natural disasters near the user’s location as they happen. Finally, the application provides a list of emergency phone numbers, which can be directly dialed on tap.

In order for the application to become available to as many mobile platforms as possible, it was developed using Apache Cordova and jQuery Mobile. The information presented to the user is always current, due to the incorporation of Web API. The latter is hosted on Azure Cloud Services, allowing it to be highly available and automatically scale on demand.

My role as a software developer included:

  • Researching and evaluating JavaScript frameworks to be used for developing the UI (front-end).
  • Designing and developing the solution’s back-end in Microsoft Web API, Entity Framework and SQL Azure.
  • Implementing the mobile application’s UI, based on predefined mockups, using HTML, CSS and jQuery mobile.